Monday, 3 March 2014

Elvis Dracula Spins a Set

Elvis Dracula recently sat down in the Old Monster Records studio to play DJ, spinning some of his favorite garage and experimental pop from around the globe. This is what he came up with.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The new Drunken Draculas release on VINYL 7 INCH!

The awesome folks at Totally Wired Records are about to release our first record on the most evil material known to man: vinyl! Yes bloodsuckers, next week you will be able to get 3 new monster jams from the Drunken Draculas on 7 inch.

If you happen to be in Vienna, Austria you should drop in to the release show, where a slew of bands will be covering the almighty Draculas in an attempt to conjure their spirits and deliver them to the old country.

Buy it now, and the chances of us appearing on the next Eurovision will exponentially increase!

And watch the music video to the title track as well!

Friday, 24 January 2014

Highway 666 Resurrected out NOW!

The Drunken Draculas are back, and they have a full new set of lo-fi garage gems to play in your beat up Impala's tape deck! Highway 666 Resurrected is full of pop gems that will surely be hits in Hell.

Buy the tape, and get both Elvis Dracula records ("Sings!" and "Psycho Ward") on the A side of the tape.

Monday, 11 November 2013

The Drunken Draculas - Huge in Austria!

The Drunken Draculas are thrilled to announce an alliance with Austria's greatest record label: Totally Wired Records! Not only are these fine blood suckers selling our tapes on the streets of Vienna, they plan to spread the gospel of the Draculas in a new and exciting way: by releasing it on vinyl! Yes, you heard that right: The Drunken Draculas will be releasing a 7 inch record of new material very soon! Until then, check out this awesome Draculas action from the streets of Vienna.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Elvis Dracula sucks it up this summer with 2 NEW RECORDS!

Greetings bloodsuckers! The Drunken Draculas have some exciting stuff planned for this summer (can you say vinyl?), and while they work on a new full length record, Elvis Dracula has been busy working with 2 OTHER BANDS! Both albums will be made available on professionally dubbed tapes as a split release, so buy them before they are gone! Elvis recruited two escaped mental patientets and threw them into another rock'n'roll group called the Psycho Ward. While in Los Angeles, they drank a great deal, partied with Lyndsay Lohan, and rocked out a short EP about the city.
What is that you say? You need MORE from Elvis Dracula? Well be prepared bloodsucker! Elvis Dracula spends time in hell as a Jazz singer, and he has put together a full length record of his favorites! Not the infectious garage rock you have come to associate with Elvis, but gloomy (yet fun) lounge numbers that will help you seduce any woman (or beast)!

Both records will be available on professional tapes by the end of the summer, so pre-order one now! Only 50 will be made!

Friday, 5 April 2013

"Burgers and Fries" & Solo Records!

The Drunken Draculas have been busy recording and writing songs for a brand spanking new record! Yep, you heard it here first ghouls and gents!

But not all is well in Dracula land. An argument between Elvis Dracula and El Sangre Magnifico over the preferred food to eat when tossed resulted in turmoil within the band. The band decided that the only way they could recover from this conflict was to put the dispute to tape, and then spend a few months working on solo projects. You got that right, not only will there be a new Drunken Draculas record this year, but a solo record from each of the band’s members this summer! Holy hot dogs!

 In the meantime, enjoy “Burgers and Fries!” And remember kids: only you can stop bad sucking!